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2019 Speaker Series

The 2019 FoodTech Qld Speaker Series is the place to learn about the latest trends in the food processing and manufacturing industry, and see what’s in store for the future of the industry in Queensland. The program includes a number of sessions, with a focus on innovation in food processing and manufacturing technologies, food safety, digitalization , as well as an overall look on sustainability within the industry.

The speaker series is free to attend at FoodTech QLD 2019, welcoming you to a world of knowledge within the food processing and manufacturing industry of Australia’s far north.

The timetable is subject to change. Last updated 25/06/2019.

Sunday 28 July

New product development insights and accelerating commercialisation tips”

Food companies in Australia are at the forefront of technological change and disruption that is transforming how we live, work, communicate and pursue good ideas.

With regard to new product development, food businesses understand the competitive advantage of accessing the skills and talent of researchers and graduates from our public-sector research institutions. However, these same businesses often find themselves confused and frustrated about how to reach the expertise they require.

Join David Martin as he removes the mystique of engaging with some of Australia’s largest organisations and shares:

• how industry and research organisations collaborated to solve commercial problems that resulted in a competitive advantage for the industry partner;
• found and kept talent during a time of fierce competition for skills; and
• discuss the merit of continuing education as the industry undergoes significant disruption.

Monday 29 July

Change has never happened as fast as it does today. Manufacturers are facing new technology, new products, new competitors and new customer and community demands almost daily. So how do you set up your operations to respond to this new market environment, to deliver a competitive edge and maximise returns? Is the answer in new technology or do people and processes remain the key? Tim McLean is a globally recognised expert in manufacturing operational excellence and Lean. He has worked with the food industry for over 25 years. Tim will provide practical insights on the current challenges facing manufacturers in their plants and will explain how you can navigate your operations through these challenges.

The CSIRO have a suite of novel food processing technologies, including high pressure processing, pulsed electric fields, power ultrasound and shockwave, which can offer new approaches to food product development in response to current trends. Research is underway to assess the application of these technologies for accelerated food processing, improved quality, nutrient retention and extended shelf-life.

In business today, it is all about future proofing your operation. Manufacturing has become more and more digitised. Using information to understand and predict trends, future throughput, offer predictive maintenance and ensure optimum plant uptime for your organisation.

Australian manufacturing needs to overcome the IoT learning curve and catch up to international manufacturing at a rapid speed.

The Open IIoT group was recently formed by global groups SMC Corporation, NORD Drivesystems, Balluff, Beckhoff Automation, Universal Robots and ZI-Argus. The group aims to help manufacturers get ahead of the curve as soon as possible.

The main aim of the group is to demystify Industry 4.0 and help companies with implementation. Part of implementing is to make sure you have a digital plan. Phil will talk you though why you need a plan and how to create a simple plan for your business.

The challenges faced by Food and Beverage manufacturers around productivity, cost pressures and changing consumer demand are driving the need for innovation in the manufacturing space. Industry 4.0 and Digitalization give opportunities for Food and Beverage manufacturers to unlock the potential of their operations. Implementing a digital strategy gives manufacturers the tools to be able to respond quickly, flexibly and cost effectively to current market demands, whilst maintaining top quality. However, this is often a new frontier for many manufacturers with many unknowns. This presentation will uncover what Industry4.0 and Digitalization can mean for your operations, and will address:

• What is Industry 4.0
• What are the common issues faced by Food and Beverage manufacturers
• The current market snapshot and adoption of Digitalization
• Implementation ideas and case study
• The concept of using the Digital Twin in brewing

Gain insight into future of the food manufacturing industry and what to expect over the next 12 months. Featuring an impressive line up of industry experts, this session aims to give an overview of the new and emerging trends, things to watch out for and the long term outlook of the Queensland food and beverage manufacturing industry. Stay ahead of the curve, and future proof your business, as our panel lets you in on the now, next and new of the industry.

Tuesday 30 July

The future will arrive whether we like it or not, so how do we predict the future? What are the drivers? What can we do about them? The drivers of the Future of Food are more diverse than ever before and open up as many threats as opportunities for new and incumbent industries. What are these drivers, where will they take us and will we like it when we get there?

R&D and Innovation...

o Why bother committing to this?
o What am I going to get out of it?
o What’s it gonna cost? (besides a bucket of money)
o What’s an SME journey look like?
o You’re kidding right???!!! (Lessons learnt)

Mintel is excited to introduce three forward looking trends that our analysts predict will lead the momentum of food & drink innovations worldwide and in the ANZ market, in the months and years ahead:

- Elevated Convenience
- To match the premium expectations of consumers in the on-demand age, convenience food and drink will get an upgrade.
- Evergreen Consumption Collaboration between suppliers, manufacturers, retailers and consumers will extend sustainability throughout the entire product lifecycle.

Through the Ages Food and drink will build on today's dialogue about wellness and transition into more solutions for healthy ageing.

Sustainability is no longer a nice to have or an optional business metric it is now a core business issue and will be at the same time a risk to your business and an opportunity to lead and differentiate. The food industry is at the heart of sustainability challenges with both food waste and packaging waste attracting public and government attention. Australia and much of the world now has targets for food waste reduction and packaging sustainability. So what does the road to sustainable packaging and 2025 targets look like and how are leading organisations determining the right strategies and making real impacts? This presentation will also look at the wider influence packaging can have on food waste no only through supply chain and retail but also importantly in the consumers daily life, an area where a large slice of food waste remains and has been growing.

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