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Setting The Scene for Jobs and Growth

Jun 6, 2016

This article is written by Food & Beverage Industry News.

With the Federal Election fast approaching, the phrase ‘Jobs and Growth’ is something we have been hearing a lot lately.

Which party can best sell its program for economic growth before July 2 is yet to be decided, but whatever the result those from Queensland’s food and beverage sector are set to gather in the week leading up to the election and do their part for jobs and growth.

Foodtech Qld is an ideal opportunity for those in a growing industry to come together. It is a place for them to establish relationships, do deals, discuss change and learn from each other.

And, if ‘Jobs and Growth’ is to not just a slogan but part of a viable economic plan, the food and beverage sector has to be one of its key components. The industry’s potential for growth has to be realised.

Over the year to the September quarter 2015, the accommodation and food services sector recorded the largest employment increase of all Australian industries (8.2 per cent). The increase in Queensland over the same period was even higher (12.7 per cent).

Furthermore, the emergence of the Asian middle class is seeing demand for Australian food and beverages sky rocket. For 2014-15, exports of substantially and elaborately transformed food products increased by 28.3 per cent to $25.7 billion (as compared to imports which grew by 7.1 per cent to $15.3 billion).

As the example of baby formula shows, Australian products have a well-earned ‘clean, green’ image in Asia. Now is the time for our food manufacturers to take advantage of both this and the newly signed China-Australia free trade deal, and solidify our economic place in the Asian century.

Brisbane’s position as the closest East Coast capital city to our Asian trading partners makes it integral to this future. The city boasts one of Australia’s fastest-growing container ports and the city is well-placed to securely supply high-quality, high-value processed food and beverage products.

The food sector continues to rely on technology and new developments. Such developments are crucial to the industry and Foodtech Qld is the place to find out what’s now and what’s next. It is where strategies crystallise, inspiration blends and new business partnerships are set.

Foodtech Qld is ready to roll and set to be an important ‘Jobs and Growth’ event for Queensland. It takes place from June 26-28 at Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre.

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