19-20 Jun 2025
Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre

Session Information

7-Jul, 10:30 - 12:30

Trends for the Future – Global, Consumer, Nutrition & Food Safety

Central room B

Predicting the future of the food and beverage industry isn’t an easy task, especially after a tumultuous two years that turned the industry upside down. However, there are some key insights to be noted that will continue to impact into 2022 and, likely, beyond.
Food companies will need to embrace a new normal or next normal to thrive and grow. What can we expect in this ever-changing world? What are the new challenges in the food industry due to new consumer expectations? How do we create opportunities for food manufacturers to deliver choices for all consumers?

In this session our speakers will highlight the trends and issues they expect to see on the horizon and offer some tips for thriving in this landscape. The session will open with an overview of global trends impacting on the food industry into the future. Following speakers will cover trends in specific areas of the future consumer, nutrition trends for health and wellness and food safety. The presentations look at evolving trends and the challenges we face. The session will conclude with a final call to action – what do you need to do to thrive rather than merely survive?

Attendees will have the opportunity to interact with speakers in a panel session Q & A following the presentations.

• 10:30 - 10:35: Welcome & introduction to session - Session Chair - Robin Sherlock, Safe Food Queensland
• 10:35 - 11.05: Global trends impacting the food industry - Keynote Speaker - Jacqueline Wilson-Smith
• 11.05 – 12.05
The Future of Healthy Food - Grant Davidson, Davidson Branding
Nutrition trends for consumer health & wellness - Dr Anneline Padayachee
Food safety challenges : What does the future look like ? - Robin Sherlock, Safe Food Queensland
• 12.05 – 12.30: Panel Q & A - facilitated by Jacqueline Wilson-Smith

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