19-20 Jun 2025
Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre

Speaker Profile

Edward Whitehead


25 years’ experience in the flexible packaging, primarily UK, Europe. During the last 5 years I have focused on circular economy principles, developing mono-material packaging solutions that are practical and technical, designed for ease of recycling with minimal compromise to commercial mechanical performance. Using less materials, by weight and type, makes it easier to capture, sort and recycle.

Once we have clear sight of what we have captured, we can develop secondary applications, which in turn will stimulate the value chain required to drive circular mindset and economy. Cyclpac consider the fast-changing global standards and embrace the latest innovations to deliver sustainable outcomes for its clients.

We need to produce 50% more food globally by 2050, whilst currently wasting 30% of what it produced today. We waste 1.3 billion tons annually representing 8% of global greenhouse gas emissions, we must do better, packaging has a key role to play in reducing food waste and extending shelf life.

One wife, Two daughters, One dog.

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