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Support for Farmers in Times of Drought

May 6, 2019 Policy & Trends

  • Drought, floods and fire are crippling our regional farming communities. Without action, at least 14% of our nations export industry as well as children’s understanding of ‘I love a sunburnt country’ is being compromised.

    Across the country organisations are finding new ways to drum up support for our struggling farmers.  A recent example was seen on May 8th with children around Australia participating in a mufti day for farmers, both the Daily Telegraph and Aussie State Schools around Australia are supported the day with a mission to raise $1million as part of the Adopt a Farmer Campaign.

    The campaign aims to deliver 100% of raised funds directly to registered farmers for the program.

    In an effort to bridge the gap between city and country school children, all demographics are encouraged to write letters to farmers they are supporting. The benefit is in the learning, bringing both awareness and support for our farming communities.

    If you would like to know how to help contact one of the following charities:

    • Rural Aid
    • Australian Red Cross
    • Drought Angels
    • Aussie Helpers
    • Lions Need for Feed
    • Foundation for Rural and Regional Renewal
    • Salvation Army
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