28-30 Jul 2019
Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre

FIAQ Food Safety Conference

FIAQ will be holding their 15th Annual Queensland Food Safety Conference at FoodTech QLD this year, with the real story on true tales of foods fails. This special program is packed with vital information and real-life messaged for Queensland foodies.

Monday 29 July
Hospitality Suite
9 AM - 4:30 PM
From $100 (exc. GST)

The FIAQ Conference is jam-packed, with an expert line up of industry professionals, all speaking on some of the industry’s biggest topics when it comes to issues such as food safety, process and people management, food contamination and traceability.

Conference Outline

Pathogens Under the Spotlight

Salmonella & Campylobacter: The standout “bad bugs of Australian Food. Are we losing the war?
Julian Cox, Associate Professor, University of New South Wales
Professor Julian Cox holds an esteemed reputation as Australia’s most engaging and flamboyant Salmonella expert. Julian will survey the current state of Salmonella and Campylobacter in Australia, why cases are increasing, and what to do next!”
CASE STUDY: Brisbane Outbreak on Melbourne Cup Day!
Margaret Balfour, MD, Integrity Compliance Solutions
Margaret Balfour will take us through the inside story on Brisbane’s fatal Melbourne Cup Salmonella outbreak of 2013. Told through the eyes of the BCC Investigative unit, this will be a real-life drama with real lessons in food safety.”
Virus Detection with New Technology – Say “NO” to Norovirus
Dr Nicholas Krohn, Eurofins GeneScan
Norovirus is a highly contagious D & V pathogen – foodborne, waterborne, and easily spread! Dr Nicholas Krohn will present the next generation of diagnostic kits which enable rapid screening of foods and beverages. These will help prevent outbreaks and alert companies and health authorities of the impending danger posed by “wildfire viruses”.”

Process Management – People and Food Plants

Allergen Safety on Multi-Recipe Productio Lines
Monty Kaur, Kerry Ingredients
Monty Kaur is APMEA Quality Manager at Kerry Ingredients. With a successful history in food production and supply management, Monty is expertly positioned to give us a practical QA expose on production-line allergen management – straight from the real world! How to stringently protect your consumers and your business…”
QA Change Management to Improve Food Safety
Tracy Cooper, MD, SeeChange Consulting
Can QA change food production values and live to tell the tale? Tracy Cooper delivers the Practical Guide to Change Management – QA style!

Consumer Protection Focus

Tall Tales and True! A Mesmerising Carerr Retrospective from QHSS Micro Guru – John Bates
John Bates, Retired Chief Scientist, QHSS Laboratory
Dr John Bates, recently retired, has well-and-truly served the great state of Queensland during a magnificent career as Head of Microbiological Food Testing at QHSS. Don’t miss this retrospective talk as he signs off with all the “bangs” where our food went “off”.
Strawberry Metal Contamination – Protecting Queenslanders and Alerting Consumers
Dr Jeanette Young, Chief Health Officer, Queensland
Dr Jeannette Young, as Queensland’s Chief Health Officer, will explain the authorities’ response to the strawberry food tampering event of recent years, and what we should all do in a crisis!”
Honey: Guaranteed Australian. The Story Behind the News.
Liz Barbour, CEO, Honey Australia
Dr Liz Barbour, as CEO of Cooperative Research Council for Honey Bee Products Australia, will explore fraud issues and how Australian technology is combatting the issue!

Food Traceability in the 21st Century

BLOCK CHAIN and Barcodes: Instant Retail Traceability at our Fingertips?
Des Bowler, Management for Technology
Block Chain: Why Americas largest retailer is employing Blockchain technology: the pros, the cons, the alternatives … and what you need to know!”
DNA Barcoding: A Spray-On Signature for Food Authenticity…Now Serving the Australian Meat Industry
Lisa Tomassen, Senior Manager, PwC Australia
Esteemed auditor and food technologist Lisa Tomassen will introduce DNA barcoding -the ultimate signature for authenticity – and how this is protecting Australian meat on the world market.”


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