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PIDA Awards

This year, the winners are going to be announced at a gala event during the day at Foodtech, Friday July 8th, and streamed nationally. Tickets available now!

Friday 8 July 2022
Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre (GCCEC)
10:00am - 12:00pm

Coordinated by the Australian Institute of Packaging (AIP), the 2022 Australasian Packaging Innovation & Design (PIDA) Awards are designed to recognise companies and individuals who are making a significant difference in their field in Australia and New Zealand. The PIDA Awards are the exclusive award program for all Australia and New Zealand entries into the prestigious WorldStar Packaging Awards, which are coordinated by the World Packaging Organisation (WPO). PIDA winners received the second highest amount of awards globally in the 2022 round of the WorldStar Packaging Awards which is a testament to the level of innovative and intuitive packaging design that is developed in the ANZ region.

Within the PIDA Awards there are 14 categories which are made up of general award categories, special awards and individual awards.

The Design Innovation of the Year company awards will recognise organisations that have designed innovative packaging within each of these six:

Manufacturing Categories


Celebrating organisations that have designed innovative packaging materials within food including fresh, frozen or other.


Recognising organisations have designed innovative packaging materials within packaging for liquid or dry tea, coffee, water and soft drinks including wine, beer and spirits.

Health, Beauty & Wellness

Acknowledging organisations that have designed innovative packaging materials within cosmetics, toiletries, personal hygiene, supplements, vitamins, perfumes, hair body and oral care.

Domestic & Household

Recognising organisations that have designed innovative packaging materials within domestic and household items, toys, stationary, gifts, clothing, garden equipment, decorating.

Labelling & Decoration

Designed to recognise the addition of content to a pack which creates a unique or innovative appearance, function or communication. This may include labels, sleeves, tags, coding/markings, etching, directly applied inks or by any other similar process.

Outside Of The Box

The outside of the Box category has been established for miscellaneous packs and materials that are not included in any other category, including design and thinking, technology and/or material use; benefit to consumers; functional and /or convenient elements.

PIDA Special Awards

Sustainable Packing Design

Recognising companies that have developed innovative packaging solutions that incorporates sustainability considerations. Elements would include Social, Material, Source Reduction, Energy and Recovery.

Save Food Packing Design

Celebrating companies that are working to minimise or prevent food waste from paddock to plate using innovative and intuitive design features that can contain & protect, preserve and extend shelf life; all the while meeting global sustainable packaging targets.

Accessible & Inclusive Packing Design

Acknowledging packaging that is accessible, intuitive, easy-to-open and innovative, including measuring techniques, understanding injuries caused by packaging and consumer satisfaction levels with packaging accessibility.


Recognising packaging that can elicit not only an emotional responses in consumers but also create a memorable experience, linking to the brand and it’s story. This can include the functionality of the pack, the aesthetic design and the outstanding visual appearance that makes the pack stand out on shelf.

In addition, there are four awards designed for people who have made specific contributions to the packaging industry.

Individual People Awards

Young Packing Professional of the Year

Acknowledging young professionals under 35 years old who are both currently working in and wish to continue their career path within the Packaging industry in both Australia and New Zealand. This can be within any industries such as Food, Beverage, Health, Beauty & Wellness, Domestic & Household.

Industry Packing Professional of the year

Acknowledging the outstanding achievements and contributions of an individual who has a minimum period of 20 years working within the Packaging in both Australia and New Zealand. This person would have demonstrated vision and leadership, innovative ideas and is not afraid to take risks.

ABA Scholarship-Certificate in Packaging

A Level 3 qualification designed to meet the training needs of a wide variety of people involved in packaging from design and production to sales and marketing. From the new entrant to the industry who wants the best possible preparation for a career in this vital and complex discipline.

ABA Scholarship - Diploma in Packaging Technology

A Level 5 qualification which is internationally recognised for those wishing to pursue a career in the packaging industry or for those who are already in the industry and who wish to extend their knowledge and expertise.

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To find out more about the eligibility and criteria for each category and the new on-line awards platform please visit:

http://aipack.com.au/2022-pida-awards/  or contact AIP on info@aipack.com.au



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