19-20 Jun 2025
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Increasing milk’s duration without pasteurisation

Turing the white to gold.

Jeff Hastings, a local Queenslander and CEO of Naturo, has cracked the code for producing fresh milk that will stay fresh for 60 days.

Pasteurisation, used in the process for the majority of boxed ‘long life’ milk, was the only way ‘long life’ could be achieved before this millstone process.

The patented new format and technology are not just a win for food science, but for Queensland and national dairy farmers all round. Queensland Dairyfarmers’ Organisation have identified that the export potential for this format will open new opportunities in the export market, as well as saving dollars on freight; as air will no longer be the sole way to transport ‘fresh’ milk. Reducing VAT whilst retaining that fresh ‘vat’ taste is a win-win for the industry and consumers.


So, what’s next? Already backed by Queensland Government funding, $250K, Naturo is looking to secure further investment for a pilot plant, where 10 million litres of milk may be produced per annum.

The benefit for farmers is a good return at the farm gate and long term sustainability gains for the industry.

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