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Leader in strapping technology, MOSCA, at FoodTech Qld

Jun 30, 2022 Plant Equipment

MOSCA products have been sold throughout Australia and New Zealand for over 30 years. The continued growth in this region lead to the founding of Mosca Australia in early 2003.

MOSCA’s subsidiary is a key supplier to a number of large multinational, medium and small organisations within a variety of industries including newsprint, corrugated board, print and meat processing. The successful integration of strapping technology and equipment to suit customer demands throughout Australia and New Zealand is achieved by maintaining strong customer relations, whilst providing a seamless and extensive range of strapping machinery and a responsive after sales service by ambitious and qualified professionals.

As a technology leader in the strapping industry, Mosca has been developing machines and strapping materials for decades with the aim of offering high-quality solutions for a wide range of requirements and applications. Many of their innovations are now established as industry standards. MOSCA’s innovation strength allows them to consistently offer their users the highest MOSCA quality in three machine classes, precisely tailored to user’s needs – from manual to fully automated operation and as stand-alone or interlinked machines. Their machine class III ensures that customers are fully equipped for the networked factory of tomorrow.

Across MOSCA’s portfolio, they divide their products into machine classes I, II and III.

All models are available ex factory with CE conformity. Each class is defined by the degree of automation and the increase in the technical capabilities and performance of each machine.

  • Products in Machine Class I are entry-level models primarily intended for users who do not do a great deal of strapping but are dependent on high availability the moment they need the machine.
  • Products in Machine Class II can be either automatic or fully automatic and are tailored to the needs of users who do a lot of strapping and rely on fast, reliable processes.
  • Machine Class III consists exclusively of high-end models that are fully automatic with top performance and already comply with the requirements of industry 4.0. They are fully network compatible and can be controlled from anywhere via a computer or mobile device, as required. This even makes it possible to carry out online remote maintenance from Waldbrunn, for example. In addition, machine status can be read with just a few clicks and software updates directly accessed via the network. Simple and convenient, this is an additional service that we are pleased to offer you.

The MOSCA range includes Strapping Materials as well as machinery

Strapping is similar to refueling: you don’t put the cheapest fuel into a top-class engine if you want to achieve maximum performance. MOSCA’s machines operate with maximum availability as well. But only in combination with high-quality strapping can users experience truly peak results. As a system supplier, they offer users not only machines and comprehensive service, but also plastic strapping made from polypropylene (PP) and polyester (PET), as well as their Eco-Strap.

Strapping has many facets – a fact that is reflected in their offering. Their machine portfolio extends from universal devices with a broad application range up to fully automatic high-performance machines that can be integrated into any higher-level automation line, as required.

Depending on user’s industry, products, and the required level of performance, MOSCA offers you semi-automatic, automatic or fully automatic machines, all of which share one thing in common. They all feature the same top Mosca quality, guaranteeing you outstanding strapping results and maximum availability.

Visit the MOSCA team at the Networking Bar to discuss your needs.

To find out more about MOSCA visit: www.mosca.com/en-en/

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